Blackriver Trucks First Aid "lock nut 2er Pack"

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Produktinformationen "Blackriver Trucks First Aid "lock nut 2er Pack""
The new First Aid „lock nut 2er" set contains 2 special nuts featuring a special locking system enhancing the qualities of fingerboard nuts due to it's inserted locking ring. 

Better get yourself some lock nuts, we all know the feeling dropping our stuff into the majestic black hole in the ground.
Warning: Overtightening the nuts „lock nut system“ may damage the Plasticsring's thread, making it difficult to remove the nut from the axle.

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Need some new trucks?

Blackriver Trucks 2.0
The first professional fingerboard trucks are ready to be shredded, with a few new updates. The trucks are available in different color combinations, and will show the "used look" after time, just like real skateboard trucks. The 2.0 Blackriver trucks also feature brand new locking nuts (do not overtighten!). This set of Blackriver Trucks also includes eight mounting screws, lock nuts and the Blackriver fingerboard tool.Sizes:You can choose between 32mm and 34mm trucks. Here is a little tip for picking the "correct" size. First of all, taking out some pressure... you pretty much CAN'T take a wrong size. The difference between these two are just the look and the feel on the board. If we need to decide, we'll take 32mm trucks for every deck under 33,6mm. If the deck is 33,6 or wider, it's time for the 34mm trucks.

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