Cheesy Wheels

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Produktinformationen "Cheesy Wheels"
Professional wheels straight outa Italy. Giacomo, the owner of "Musta Cheese FB" created a special Urethane-Mix over yeeeaars, which we really enjoy riding! The wheels have a good feedback on every ground. Same like big skateboard wheels, the Cheesy Wheels also get smoother and smoother after shredding for a while.

You can choose out of 4 different shapes:

- Street: "The Allrounder" for every terrain
- Conical: "The Styler" for the most style (same size as "Street")
- Mini: "The Beast" for your technical dreams (smaller size than "Street")
- Bowl: "The Big One" for for vert and bowl shredding, or the ones you just like it big (bigger size than "Street")

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