Blackriver Wheels
Blackriver started to design and produce professional fingerboard bearing wheels in 2010. In 2020 they decided to put our creative energy in our own products and to move forward. Ever since they want to provide high performance fingerboard wheels and make passionate fingerboarders happy.Blackriver Wheels are designed, produced and assembled in Germany. 100% quality control guarantees you 100% fingerboarding pleasure.You choose out of 3 different shapes:Street: This shape is characterized by a smaller contact surface. They are perfect street tech wheels, but can be used on any other surface.Classic: This shape is the classic all-around wheels, suiting every intended use.Mini: Furthermore the smaller, printless wheels are the defintion of minimalistic style and take you straight back to the 90's.The graphic wheels have a high quality side print to give you a hyper realistic fingerboard feeling.All wheels have the same bearings.Note: We recommend to use the wheels with Blackriver Trucks, as both products are explicitly made to match perfectly.

39,95 €*