Behind Drop, there are Schmidi and Fabi. Schmidi lives in Linz, has been Fingerboarding since 2003 and is sponsored by Blackriver-Ramps and BerlinWood. One of his biggest achievements in Fingerboarding  was winning the Fingerboard World-Championship in 2011 and getting the European Fingerboarding Champion the year before. 

Fabi lives in Steyr, is fingerboarding since 2005 and sponsored by Blackriver-Ramps and FLdecks.


Drop is an Austrian based Fingerboard Company, with roots from the OG Fingaspeak crew. 

Both were on the road for several years, shredding at contests, tours, events and so on…

Now it’s time to reborn this hell of a time! Drop it!!


Drop Fingerboarding is an Onlineshop for high end fingerboarding equipment . Sooner or later there also will be events and contests located in Austria. We really looking forward to this time!

Thank you all for your support!

All the best, Schmidi & Fabi


We always keep our portfolio up to date with new and unique products from all over the world.

Cheesy Wheels
Professional wheels straight outa Italy. Giacomo, the owner of "Musta Cheese FB" created a special Urethane-Mix over yeeeaars, which we really enjoy riding! The wheels have a good feedback on every ground. Same like big skateboard wheels, the Cheesy Wheels also get smoother and smoother after shredding for a while.You can choose out of 4 different shapes:- Street: "The Allrounder" for every terrain- Conical: "The Styler" for the most style (same size as "Street")- Mini: "The Beast" for your technical dreams (smaller size than "Street")- Bowl: "The Big One" for for vert and bowl shredding, or the ones you just like it big (bigger size than "Street")

25,00 €*

Street Steel Bench
Street Steel Bench • Solid timeless design • Build to last long • High Durable Stainless Steel • Get Technical and enjoy the sound of smooth grinds and slides • Soft pads on bench legs for a smooth adhesion • Designed in Austria • Dimensions 170 x 40 x 40 mm 230 x 40 x 40 mm Quality Test Video

19,95 €*

FL Decks - SOLD OUT!
Handmade, professionial Fingerboards made in Italy (RM), by Lorenzo. only limited stocks | high quality Italian veneer | high responsive shape | massive pop"leave your mark"

39,95 €*